If you are coming to Bahamas, then you might like to make the most of your time here by booking a genuinely personalized guided tour. Below, we offer examples of the some of the wonderful tours that we offer.

All tours are available in English or Spanish and we also have Spanish translators available – please call for more details.

The Forts: Fort Charlotte, Fort Fincastle / 66steps, Fort Montague

Enjoy an historic legacy filled tour of the forts which were built in the 1700’s by the English to protect themselves from the Spaniards and the French pirates.

Every Wednesday and Friday at Fort Charlotte & Fort Fincastle, at 11:30 a.m you will be able to enjoy a reenactment ceremony which allows you to step back in time and experience daily life in 18th-century Nassau.

It features characters dressed in period costume, who exhibit basket weaving techniques, kitchen utensils used over 250 years ago, and fruits sold at the market. It culminates with the firing of the cannon at 12:00 noon. Please note that there is a small entrance fee for this experience.

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